Exploring Sound Art Provocations

Diamond Arrington and Kaijeh Johnson
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Early childhood music educators Diamond and Kaijeh invite you to explore the magical world of sound through creativity and everyday materials. Join us on this melodic journey as we discover how household items can be transformed into instruments, fostering a love for sound art in our little ones.

In this Action Lab, we’ll delve into the exciting realm of sound art, showcasing how household materials can become the building blocks of unique and expressive musical experiences. Diamond and Kaijeh will guide you through the process of reusing everyday objects to ignite creativity, encouraging children to perceive the world around them in a symphony of sounds.

Discover how to set up a space that stimulates sound explorations, transforming your environment into a canvas for musical expression. From a plastic bottle to a drum kit, witness the transformation of ordinary items into extraordinary sound sculptures.

As we facilitate interaction, watch children become composers of their own musical masterpieces. Diamond and Kaijeh will share techniques on engaging young minds in collaborative sound creation, fostering not just an appreciation for music but also teamwork and communication skills.

Embrace the rhythm of creativity, where every clang, shake, and rustle becomes a note in the symphony of childhood exploration. Are you ready to harmonise with the magic of sound? Let the melodies unfold!

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Diamond Arrington
Diamond Arrington
Diamond Arrington is a trained choral music leader and early childhood educator who believes all K-12 education should be more like preschool. A current graduate student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Diamond is passionate about utilizing the arts and play as liberating forces within marginalized communities, especially those serving BIPOC and diversely-able children
Kaijeh Johnson
Kaijeh Johnson
Kaijeh Johnson is an opera singer, gospel musician, and educator currently working as a teaching artist on the Expanding Horizons Through Music program. Currently undertaking his master’s in Human Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Kaijeh is passionate about bringing the arts to underserved American communities through sound-making, creativity, and holistic education.
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