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Elevate learning with our research-informed curriculum

We provide teachers and school leaders with comprehensive curriculum resources to create an authentic learning environment.

Our curriculum is:

Designed by early learning experts, our comprehensive curriculum for 2-6 year olds is aligned to popular standards and consists of 40 units and 1,800+ learning experiences encompassing seven areas of early learning - language & literacy, math, arts, physical development, science, social studies, and personal, social, and emotional development. 
All our curriculum resources are designed to inspire children to play, test their theories, conduct investigations, express themselves, and explore timeless, universal concepts. We view children as curious explorers who are capable of constructing meaning to make sense of the world around them.
Our units and learning experiences are designed to be flexible so that educators can use them to create a responsive learning environment. Each unit can take multiple different pathways based on the interests and needs of the children in your context.

Lean into children’s infinite capabilities 

The Toddle Play Curriculum is built on the premise that children are agentic learners with a natural ability to question, wonder, and play. It empowers educators to be designers of learning and to support children's exploration of the world by:

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