Literacy and Loose Parts

Carla Gull
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Welcome to the magical world of storytelling with loose parts, where the power of imagination takes centre stage! In this action lab Dr. Carla Gull guides you through the enchanting realm of storytelling using loose parts—a dynamic and versatile tool that opens the door to endless narrative possibilities for young children.

So, what are loose parts, you may wonder? Think of them as the storyteller’s toolkit—beautifully diverse objects that have no predetermined purpose, allowing children to unleash their creativity and weave tales of their own. In this Action Lab, we’ll explore what loose parts include, why they are invaluable for storytelling, and how they can spark a child’s imagination like never before.

Carla will also share the secrets of assembling a “Grab and Go” box filled with a captivating array of loose parts. This magical box becomes a treasure trove of inspiration, ready to ignite storytelling adventures at a moment’s notice. Watch as simple objects transform into the building blocks of captivating narratives.

Join us in discovering how loose parts can be the key to unlocking the storyteller within every child. This Action Lab invites you to embrace the limitless potential of storytelling, where every object becomes a chapter, and every child is the author of their own narrative. Are you ready to embark on a storytelling journey like no other? Let’s begin to bring stories to life!

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Carla Gull
Carla Gull
Dr Carla Gull is the co-author of Loose Parts Learning in K-3 Classrooms. She has been in education for over 20 years and hosts the Facebook group Loose Parts Play and the podcast Loose Parts Nature Play. She leads professional development and academic research in outdoor classrooms, loose parts, tree climbing, and nature play. She facilitates classes with Tinkergarten, leads local nature and environmental education programming, and consults with Nature Explore
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