Top ten techniques for storytelling with children!

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There is reading a story…and then there is engaging and interacting with your audience – in this case, the children! These storytelling techniques feature storytelling experts; each showcasing a technique that will bring sparkle to your shared reading sessions. They have been thoughtfully selected and coupled with a list of what you will need – to get started in weaving your own tales of wonder!

The intention here is to inspire – showing the children that words can be expressed in many ways. These resources can be introduced, and then used to entice the development of stories from children as they play. Some things are much too exciting to be kept in a cupboard! Once there is familiarity with these tools, use them as part of the learning space to facilitate story-making through play.

How to use this resource:

  • Watch the videos and discover the magic of storytelling
  • Use our resource list to gather what you need and give it a go!
  • Use the props in the learning space to support children with retells…and their own creations!
Lisa Kane
Director of Early Years Curriculum at Toddle

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Lisa Kane
Lisa is a passionate early years educator, having found her way into the field after being fascinated by the rapid and wondrous development in the first years of her own children’s lives. Following these curiosities has taken her through a degree and post-grad in Early Years education, and clocking up over 20 years of hands-on experience in a variety of international school settings. Lisa believes that learning is co-constructed alongside the smallest humans, and is energised by the curiosity, awe and wonder they generate.
Bringing Stories to Life
Dip your toe in the big bad world of storytelling with a little help from the experts!