The world in a treasure basket- A toolkit

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Treasure baskets are a fun and engaging way to encourage exploration and sensory development in young children. They are like a curiosity box filled with all sorts of interesting objects that children can touch, feel, and explore.

During treasure basket play, children are encouraged to explore the items using all their senses. You might ask questions like, “What does this feel like?” or “What do you notice about this object?” to help children learn and engage with the items in the basket.

Whether you’re using treasure baskets at home or in a childcare or classroom setting, they’re a great way to encourage children to learn through play and exploration. Plus, they’re so much fun! You can switch out the items in the basket regularly to keep children engaged and excited about discovering new things. By providing a rich and varied sensory experience through treasure basket play, you can help children build a lifelong love of learning and exploration.

How to use this resource:

  • Find out about the benefits of treasure baskets and holistic play
  • Enhance your treasure basket and heuristic play resources with our handy list
  • Get ready to facilitate play using these tools with young children
  • Develop your own understandings with selected resources
Anni McTavish
Early Years Creative Arts Consultant

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Anni McTavish
Anni McTavish is a freelance workshop leader and presenter, with over thirty years in the field of early education. She has been a practitioner, deputy, and manager, and has worked across the UK and Europe. Trained originally as a fine bookbinder, she also ran her own business as a designer hatmaker. An associate of Early Education, she has written books and articles and works on a range of projects. With a background in education, arts, and humanistic psychotherapy, her approach holds a focus on children’s emotional health, resilience, and well-being.
Exploring Multi-Sensory Learning Through Treasure Baskets-A Toolkit
The best way to make learning stick is to make it hands-on and fun. And what better way than by exploring the fascinating world of treasure baskets? In this toolkit, Anni, shows us how to facilitate high-quality play and learning by creating unique resources using simple objects and sustainable materials.