Introducing Woodwork to Early Years

Pete Moorhouse
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It’s time to step into the transformative world of woodwork in early years. Let the sound of hammers and the scent of sawdust fill your classroom with a sense of wonder and possibility. The Woodwork Action Lab invites you to embrace the beauty of woodworking, fostering a love for learning that’s as enduring as the creations your students will proudly bring to life. Ready to carve out a new dimension in early years education? Let’s get started!

Why woodwork, you ask? Well, the benefits are as solid as the materials themselves. Woodwork not only hones fine motor skills but also nurtures problem-solving, spatial awareness, and a deep sense of accomplishment in our little learners. Picture this: children confidently wielding hammers, saws, and paintbrushes, turning a simple piece of wood into a masterpiece. It’s not just play; it’s a pathway to holistic development.

In this Action Lab, Pete delves into the benefits of woodwork with early years children. Learn how to set up a safe and inspiring woodworking space, discover age-appropriate tools and techniques, and witness firsthand the joy and pride that arise when children engage in purposeful, hands-on woodworking activities.

Join us on this journey as we showcase real-life examples of woodwork in action, from the initial stages of exploration to the final moments of creation. Feel the excitement as children transform raw materials into personal expressions of imagination and skill. We’re not just building projects; we’re building confident, capable, and creative young minds.    

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Pete Moorhouse
Pete Moorhouse
Pete Moorhouse is an Early Years creative consultant and artist educator and has worked in education for over 30 years. Pete is a trainer for Early Education and delivers training both nationally and overseas. Pete is also a trained Froebel Tutor. Pete is currently researching creative and critical thinking at the University of Bristol. He is a leading authority on woodwork in the Early Years and has written several books, including "Learning Through Woodwork" (Routledge). He was awarded a Churchill Fellowship Award (2022) for his international research and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
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