Empowering Little Voices
Through EY Music

June 15, 2024 | 9:30 AM GMT
Nana Welsh
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Did you know that children’s brains respond to musical sounds before speech sounds? It’s no surprise that if they can express themselves through music, they can also learn through it too! 🎶

Join experienced EY music educator Nana Welsh as she unveils practical strategies for using music to gently empower children’s voices, unlocking their confidence and communication skills. Explore how music can encourage expression, especially benefiting children developing English as an additional language, and support them in overcoming barriers like the silent stage of language learning.

Gain insights into seamlessly integrating math, language, and reasoning with music for your learners, and don’t miss this opportunity to infuse your EY classrooms with the magic of music, sparking joy and creativity! ✨

In this session we will:

  • Discover the stages of development for additional language learners
  • Explore how musical activities can foster vocabulary and language skills  
  • Add simple routines to your shared music sessions that invite participation

P.S. Don’t forget to bring a scarf to the webinar! Get ready to groove along with Nana and add some extra flair to your learning experience.

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Disclaimer - This webinar is organised independently of and not endorsed by the IB. Toddle's events and webinars are organised to enable exchange of practices and ideas within the educator community and are not a replacement for the IB official workshops. Views and opinions expressed by the speakers are their personal views and should not be construed as official guidance by the IB.

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Nana Welsh

Music educator

Nana Welsh, a harpist and music educator originally from Bulgaria, brings over a decade of experience in music education. With degrees in Education and Music obtained in Bulgaria, Nana pursued further studies in Scotland to enhance her expertise in this field. Having taught Early Years and Primary classes across diverse settings in Glasgow, Nana's journey in music education has been extensive. Since 2018, she has been an integral part of Sistema Scotland's Big Noise Govanhill center, where she leads music classes at the local nursery and conducts musicianship sessions for primary-aged children.